Soil Savers

Here at Kunahmul Organics, plants make our fertilizers, not factories. The round nodules on the roots of this bean plant actively fix atmospheric nitrogen into the soil. The red colour inside the nodule indicates nitrogen-fixing activity! We use it as a green manure in our beds before planting each of our crops.

Why do we practice nitrogen-fixing with plants? Yes, it is a lot more work. Yes, it takes a lot longer, but as organic farmers (and humans), we believe it is our responsibility to take care of the Earth. We see our job as patrons to the soil, and like our interest in diversity in plant varieties, we also want to help maintain soil diversity.

Conventional fertilizers may do the quick fix and work for right now, but in the long term, they erode the soil. Every year, we lose more top soil on our planet (that's the good stuff that we need to grow our food!!), so why not play our part? We want to give rather than take from the soil because the soil gives us so much.

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