Health in Variety

Our family has lived on this farm for over 2 generations. Kunahmul, meaning “Love Nest” in Mayan, is the name George Price gave our farm years ago, and exactly how we feel about it too. 

Our shared dream of growing organic vegetables and bringing variety to Belize was born out of a love for each other and a love for this land.

Wondering how we ended up here? Click here to read about how we fell in love and left the big city for sweet village life in rural Belize.

Why Grow Organically?

Here at KO Farms, we believe in simplicity, in variety and in observing how nature does things. We grow all our produce from non-GMO seeds without added chemicals (Serious! No fertilizers or pesticides!) because why change what nature made just right? 

Organic vegetables are known to contain higher levels of vitamins and nutrients than conventionally grown vegetables . They also taste brighter, sweeter and more robust with flavour because of the natural elements that build their terroir

Taste the difference with our produce! See how adding variety and colour to your diet improves your health!