Health in Variety

from our farm to your table!

Here at KO Farms, we are in love with variety and flavour. We are the first in Belize to bring 100% organically grown tomatoes, peppers, herbs and leafy greens, but we know sometimes new vegetables can be read on to learn more about these new colourful ingredients and see how much fun you can have adding them to your favourite dishes!

Keep your eyes peeled for new vegetables to try and heirloom varieties too!

amy's greens mix

Edible Flowers

Spruce up any dish by simply sprinkling a few edible flower petals on top!

Adds colour and subtle lemon zest and floral notes. 

Detach petal by carefully holding the sepal with one hand, and gently tugging the petals with the other. Enjoy!


Amy's Greens Mix

Who said salads were boring?

Try our organic mix of red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, seasonal sprouts and edible flowers. Sealed in an 100% compostable corn plastic container for easy storage that's eco-friendly!

Simply dress with olive oil and vinegar and dig in! 


Eggplant Medley

This meaty nightshade vegetable is delicious roasted, braised, grilled and even curried!

Try all three varieties: Japanese, Chinese and Teardrop! Not sure what to do with leftover roasted eggplant? Try making it into babaganoush!




This hearty cooking tomato is a staple in any dish, especially in Italian Cuisine.

The Roma tomato is a plum tomato usually used for canning, for tomato pastes and in pasta sauces. Its mild taste and firm texture make it the ideal cooking tomato. 


Xitomatl Heirloom Pearl Tomatoes

The Original Salsa Tomato of the Yucátan!

There are hundreds of varieties of tomatoes and isn't it crazy that they all started from the Xitomatl? Don't be fooled by their size, these delicious pearls are packed with flavour. After all, the Aztecs chose to domestic this wild plant to make the first salsa for a reason! They are an important part of Belizean culture because they were born in this region!

Golden Sun Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

A colourful addition to your salad, we love pairing these guys with our Basil Kit!

These fragrant Golden Suns are more fruity than your average cherry tomato. Juicy and sweet, you can't go wrong if you want to add some colour and flavour to your dish!


Farmstead heirloom Tomato pack

a beautiful medley of seasonal heirloom tomatoes.

This pack is for those who want a bit of everything. Can't decide on your tomato pick? No worries, you can now try them all! From meaty Farmstead Slicing Tomatoes to Little Roja Grape Tomatoes to Supersweet Cherry Tomatoes to fruity Golden Suns, this pack is filled with over 5 varieties to choose from! We've even thrown in some of your tried and true Romas into the mix!

*Blends are subject to change depending on availability, but you can always count of the tomatoes being freshly harvested, organic and robust with flavour.


This sultry pepper leaves a subtle smokey flavour with a slight kick. Perfect for stuffing.

The Poblano pepper originates from the state of Puebla, Medico. When dried, it is referred to as the Ancho pepper or Chile Ancho because of its wide shape. It is most popularly used as a stuffing pepper in Chile Rellenos and boy is it delicious roasted!



Hot like Cayenne, this bright chili will add colour and spice to your dish. Great for curry and stir fry.

The Chile de Àrbol is a small and potent Mexican chili pepper that carries its name because of the pepper bush's resemblance to a tiny tree. Also known as bird's beak chile and rat's tail chile, it can be used fresh, dried or crushed, like Cayenne pepper. The red peppers keep their bright red colour when dried, so they make fun party decorations that double as garnishes too!


Molé pepper

This dark drying pepper brings hints of licorice and burnt chocolate to your favourite Mexican dishes. Best known for its use in Mexican mole, it also adds flavour to stews and other sauces!

The Mole pepper (or Mexican "mulato" pepper) is a mild to medium heat chili pepper, closely related to the Poblano (ancho). Alongside Poblanos (or Anchos, when dried) and Chilacas (or Pasillas, when dried), this mole pepper is part of the famous “trinity” used in Mexican mole, as well as other Mexican sauces and stews. 

Rainbow Habaneros

Did you know these hot peppers were born in this region? A real Belizean staple. You can't beat this blend that includes the ever so hot Chocolate Habanero in the mix. 



This delicious fresh herb mix includes Purple Basil, Genovese Basil and Thai Sweet Basil. You can blend all three with garlic to make a fresh pesto, or experiment with each individually to compare their flavours. Purple Basil is great in stir-fried dishes and as a beautiful garnish to salads. Genovese Basil is the golden standard for Italian food (Bruschetta and Pasta? Yes please!). Thai Sweet Basil brings an amazing aroma to cold-rolls, cold noodle dishes and, of course, Thai curries!



Ever need a specific herb for a recipe, but don't know what to do with the rest of it? Not to worry, our special herb kits include a variety of herbs, so you don't have to commit to only one flavour. Try our fresh organic Oregano, Dill, Thyme, Cilantro, Parsley, and more! Remember, fresh is best!

*Mixes vary depending on availability.



A colourful blend of Heirloom Orange Okra and the classic Green! Try it in soups, curries and even raw in salads. 





Chiles Serrano

These spicy peppers are delightful sliced with onions to top tacos and soups. They're also that added kick in Salsa Verde!



These gorgeous, striped heirloom sweet peppers originate from Italy. They're wonderful in stir-fries, in pasta sauces and on pizzas! They're also delicious simply eaten raw in salads.