greener, better, tomorrow.

We try our very best to run an eco-friendly business that maintains a low carbon foot print.

So far, these are the measures we are taking: 

1. Using a drip irrigation system that reduces water waste and pumps water from a natural aquifer on the farm.

2. Transitioning our packaging to 100% biodegradable PLA corn plastic and cellophane bags made from eucalyptus plants. This type of packaging takes roughly 90 days to biodegrade compared to 1000-2000 years that conventional plastic takes. Even when this plastic isn't recycled or put in a high efficiency composting environment, it will biodegrade within 6 months.

3. Focusing on local sales rather than exporting internationally.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can be greener, we'd love your input. Please feel free to contact us with ideas!