Health in Variety

beauty in Simplicity

We use simple tools that ask for low energy inputs and avoid fancy specialized machines that only have one function. We only use gasoline when expanding our bedspace, using a hand-held two-wheel tractor. The rest of the time, we use our handy grelinette to aerate our soil, and prepare beds, we use our hand-held shovels to plant our seedlings, our clippers to prune and our field knives to cut.

This may sound like a lot more work because it is, but using our hands means we are able to pay more attention to detail. We have a relationship with our soil and our plants, and we notice when things change. 

Farming using our bodies is important as it reminds us to stay humble, and to see our limitations. It reminds us of nature's power and how we give to the soil to take from it. Farming like this gives us the ability to focus on flavour and quality, and to remember to grow slowly.

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Zero-Waste & Zero-Carbon Future

We do our best to reduce the amount of carbon and waste we emit into our environment. Already, all the pulp and waste created from our cold-pressed juices is returned back to the soil in our farm. Our water is pumped from a natural aquifer and not treated with harmful chemicals. Our toolshed is upcycled from old zinc roofing that was torn down by Hurricane Earl. Our produce is packaged in 100% compostable corn and eucalyptus plastic.

Still, we know we can do more. Our next big investment will be in a solar water pump, so we can reduce our reliance on oil, and use what we have plenty of in this country! We hope we can work towards a zero waste, zero carbon future soon!