Health in Variety

We avoid using soil amendments that aren't created by us on our farm to lower our reliance on others, our carbon footprint, and our impact on the soil's microbial balance.


The problem with NPK

Most fertilizer companies will tell you to focus on the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content in your soil, that these are the keys to growing healthy plants. Of course, plants need these elements, but they aren't the only ones. The problem with a catch all NPK equation to growing is that trace minerals aren't included.

Nitrogen helps the foliage of plants, the greenness of the leaves.

Phosphorus helps with root, flower growth and development.

Potassium helps with overall plant health.

But what about the other elements like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, magnesium, copper, cobalt, sodium, boron, molybdenum, and zinc?

At Kunahmul, we mulch heavily with organic materials (most often with grass that is cut on the farm from surrounding pastures), practice green manuring (beans, beans, the magical fruit!) before plantings and use compost to maintain the livelihood of our soil. We also hand-sift and make the soil mix for our seeding trays to ensure a high germination rate and no accidental imported chemicals (no Miracle Gro here).


Our Reef, our rainforest, Our Responsibility

Here at KO Farms, we believe in sustainable and responsible agriculture. We know how we grow will always affect the surrounding ecosystems. We believe in maintaining their livelihoods, and with the Carribbean Sea and its magnificent coral reef being the last living reef in the world, we want to make sure we protect it. 

Belize has so many rivers that run into the sea. This means any agricultural run-off, pesticides or synthethic fertilizers leeching into the water, is a real concern. We'd rather play it safe and avoid using any chemicals and synethic fertilizers, than see its consequences on our wildlife and our drinking water.